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Certificate in Youthwork

CYW is the youth program of Lilok that trains the youth to embrace holism to become effective co-journeyer of their fellow youth. Its vision is to see young people as agents of transformation in their respective local communities. Its mission is to empower the youth to become effective facilitator of personal transformation, youth organizing and community development.

Lilok Foundation is a faith based, non-profit and
non-government organization that seeks to serve urban poor leaders, to facilitate their learning, and to empower them toward servant leadership by means of modeling, transformative education and mentoring programs.

Four Areas of Interests :

Certificate in Youthwork Training (CYWT)

Is a 39-week highly subsidized training anchored on holistic paradigm approach, intended to facilitate change from indifference to actual community involvement and designed to integrate theory and praxis. It has 11 core modules that integrate holism, a 60-hour exposure to encourage community involvement, and requires each participant to do a Youth Initiated Project (YIP) a.k.a mission project as practical application for everything they learned from CYWT. The training year begins in July and ends in May, with 30 Saturdays throughout the year allocated for 6-hour modules (from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM). To pass the course, the participant must have:

  * attended 2/3's of all the modules;
  * passed a written reflection at the end of every module;
  * spent 60-hour volunteer work in other organizations involve in delivering service to children and youth at-risk;
  * organized and facilitated a creative/alternative youth camp;
  * joined at least two Lilok retreats;
  * organized a Youth Initiated Project (YIP)

 Core Modules
  * Urban Poor Youth Context
  * Radical Discipleship
  * Holism
  * Mission, Theology and Practice
  * God of the Poor in the Old Testament
  * God of the Poor in the New Testament
  * Community Research
  * Curriculum Development from Below
  * Models of Youth Organizing and Emerging
  Practices in Youthwork
  * Culture and Development of Filipino Youth
  * Running A Youth Camp


Values & Personality Enhancer Activities (VPEA)

A. CYW CAMP--A youth camp organized and facilitated by the current participants of CYW. Though originally envisioned as a Peace Camp for promoting conflict resolution among youth involved in gangs, the Lilok staff have opted to encourage the CYW participants to design their own concept from scratch, in order to make their camp more responsive to their personal needs and the needs of their community.

B. YOUTH BIBLE CAMP--Intended for church attending youth to encourage them read and study the bible using creative means. YBC is organized and facilitated by CYW and YBC alumni.

All these activities are venues intended to enhance facilitation, speaking, counseling and organizing skills of current CYWT and YBC alumni, and promote values that embrace human dignity and love of God.

Latest Activities and Upcoming Event/s

Wholism (CWM)

September 9, 2017

Radical Discipleship
September 16, 2017

God of the Poor (OT)
September 23, 2017

God of the Poor (NT)
September 30, 2017

Secondary Modules

  * Youth Spiritual Formation
  * Youth & Advocacy
  * Basic First Aid
  * Creative Youth Games
  * Conflict Management
  * Facilitation Skills
  * Speaking Skills
  * Counselling Skills
  * Peer Counselling
  * Journeying with Youth
  * Suicide Awareness
  * Building Self-esteem
  * etc.


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