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[ April 2016 ]

Lilok Foundation is a faith based, non-profit and
non-government organization that seeks to serve urban poor leaders, to facilitate their learning, and to empower them toward servant leadership by means of modeling, transformative education and mentoring programs.

Various Lessons

By Mariben Reyes

It has been two years since a partnership began between Sakahang Lilok and the Department of Agriculture (DA) of the local government of Tanay, Rizal.

It started with free vaccination for animals, and was followed by Lilok responding to the DA’s invitation to join Organic Agri-Trade Fairs in and out of Tanay. This bore fruit in a strong relationship with local agencies that has greatly benefitted Sakahang Lilok.

Proof of this is in the Department of Agriculture’s sending of Ricky and Rodel as the government’s representatives for a Good Agricultural Practice training in San Pablo, Laguna back in June 2015. And soon after, 5 Sakahang Lilok Staff and 6 neighbors enrolled in the Farmers Field School on Natural Vegetable Farming.

At first, we had to feel things out a little, but we were soon dancing to the same tune. We were always excited about those Fridays because everyone had a place, a voice. We could feel that every one’s opinion was valued, whether the person had formal schooling or not.

Each lesson was satisfying, rich with knowledge about natural farming methods. You could feel time fly because of the open facilitation style, as well as the natural cheerfulness and easy laughter of the farmers.

This training also served as a time of rest for the Sakahang Lilok staff. We would clown around from the trip to the venue in the morning until our return to the farm in the evening, laughing all the while. It broke up the tension that inevitably builds up when you work with the same people over time.

The Farmers Field School also became a way for us to get to know farmers who have had rich experiences in organic farming. Being with them was a unique experience. Their regard for the land was clear in the way they moved as if one with it, an impression I find difficult to explain.

It reminded of me of the story of Creation. Perhaps God created us out of dust to remind us that no matter how hard we work at gaining knowledge, or garishly clothe our bodies, or obsessively apply cosmetic products to smoothen our skins, we cannot deny that we came from the earth, and to the earth we shall return.

Please pray for:

Maya, our volunteer kitchen and accommodation staff, who has moved back to Negros province to start a business and raise her and Rene Boy’s children there. Please also pray for Me-Ann, one of the kitchen staff, who will be succeeding her.

The ALS students taking their accreditation exam this April 17, 2016.

The CYW students and alumni who will facilitate a youth camp on May 3-6, 2016, called “#walangPOOReber?”. Its theme is God of the Poor.

Latest Activities and Upcoming Event/s

Gender Sensitivity Training

Lilok Office
November 26, 2016

Advent Retreat
Sakahang Lilok
November 26-27, 2016

Lilok Community Day
Lilok Office
Decmber 2, 2016

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