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[ 2015 ]

Lilok Foundation is a faith based, non-profit and
non-government organization that seeks to serve urban poor leaders, to facilitate their learning, and to empower them toward servant leadership by means of modeling, transformative education and mentoring programs.

Lilok Foundation - November 2015 Newsletter

Britney (not her real name), is currently enrolled in Lilok’s ALS (Alternative Learning System) classes. She was a former bar girl with a distinctive dragon tattoo, and through God’s people, God is bringing healing into her life. This is her story.

A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
An ALS Student’s Testimony

I stopped schooling in 2009, during my second year of high school because of a family problem. I was surprised when a stranger showed up at the house for a marriage meeting. My parents had betrothed me to someone without my knowledge.

I decided to leave home and worked as a domestic helper for a year. Then I was employed as a singer until 2011, when a sibling asked me to come to Manila. To help my relatives with their expenses, I applied for jobs as a cashier and as a service crew member but because of financial problems a friend recruited me and I became a bar girl for 3 years.

Last February, I decided to join an organization working among trafficked women. With the help of their staff, I started to think about how to get my life back in order. We were enrolled in an ALS Class at a public school in Quezon City. We were able to spend just a few weeks there, because the class was only held on Saturdays.The teachers there did not teach us directly and left us to study on our own with the modules and books they lent us.

While enrolled at ALS, we tried to enroll in regular school. However, the principal advised us to find another school that could accommodate us because we were overage and most of us had tattoos, including me. They were afraid that I might be a victim of bullying or that I would start a gang in the campus. I was disappointed. I thought of going back to work.

But I was encouraged to see my tattoo and my life as a testimony to the people who also have tattoos, and to the women who had the same experiences as I did. We stopped attending ALS classes because we felt that our learning needs were not being met. Meanwhile, our mentors tried to look for an institution that would accept us. Finally, we were referred to Lilok.

I am happy here. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. They taught us lessons that made us think and work by ourselves, but this time with guidance and support from our teachers. We watch films that inspire me to continue my studies and achieve my dream of becoming a Navy soldier. If I pass the A.L.S. exam, I would like to get first a social work course and then enter the Navy.

I want to finish my studies so that I can be proud of myself, that even though I was in a situation where I thought I did not have a better future ahead of me, I was still able to overcome it. And I also want the people around me who are helping me achieve my dream to be proud of me. I want them to see that all their efforts in helping me and the other girls are not wasted. In return, I would like to dedicate myself to serving our country once I become a social worker or a navy soldier.

I thank the Lord God for everything that is happening to me now. There is hope for me and everybody.

Britney’s experience shows that school leaving is a complex issue. Mostly, it has been attributed to lack of motivation, poverty and family deficiencies. However, while attempting to go back to school Britney experienced marginalization. Accessing public education was difficult for her because of the existing belief and power relations in education which exclude values, genders, and forms of knowledge of certain groups. It is our hope that through Lilok, Britney will be empowered to reach her potential as God’s creation.

Prayer Items

The Accreditation and Equivalency Exam for this year’s batch of ALS students will be on February 14, 2016. Please continue to pray for Britney and all the other students who will be taking this exam, that they may be able to fulfill their dream of finishing their education. Also, please pray for the Department of Education (DepEd) and all ALS implementing institutions for a swift and efficient adjustment as the ALS program becomes integrated with the DepEd’s K-12 program.

In addition, please continue to pray for the CYW and CWM participants, that the training they receive will lead to holistic transformation in their local communities. Please pray as well for Sakahang Lilok, that it will continue to inspire urban poor and rural visitors to advocate for creation care and sustainable living.

Journeying with you in the service of the poor,

Condrad Pableo
CYW Program Coordinator

Adam Gorospe
CYW Assistant Coordinator

Carol Bumanglag
Executive Director

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